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Chiropractors at the Forum

Chiropractors at the ForumOn May 10th,chiropractors Raphael, Andrea and Tom, along with Sheena the Practice Manger spent the day at the Forum, Norwich. The passing public were invited to take part in the Great Wall Challenge.

Only about 5% of the 100 people we assessed could do this. This statistic seems to be very consistent with research carried out by the BCA. The great wall challenge, a test designed to determine whether people have developed poor posture is an objective way to show people just how bad there posture has become!

This test is done against a wall, with your back flat against it. In theory someone with a good upper back posture should be able to put both their arms into a 'surrender' position as shown in the picture below, with their shoulders at 90 degrees. In this position you should be able to place the back of your hands against the wall- and this ischiropractic wall challenge the challenge! remember also that you must keep you back flat against the wall too!!

This person has failed the test as you can see her hands are not able to touch the wall.

Try it, but don't cheat!!