New State Of The Art Xray Suite

We believe in giving our patients the very best care we can and we recently invested in a new state of the art x-ray system. Both the machine that takes the x-rays and the developing machine have been replaced with the highest grade system on the market.  

The radiation dose to patients has been drammatically cut and image quality has also significantly improved. We decided to buy the Agfa CR 30-X with the very latest technology- Musca2, see link for more information:

We replaced the x-ray machine with a high frequency generator unit, which also uses the very latest technology. This system is made by a world leading manufacturer and is designed to take accurate, low dose x-rays.




Once the x-rays are taken, they can be viewed instantly, turned into jpeg images (which can be emailed / printed)  or burned onto CD. Copies of your x-rays are made available at no extra cost